Welcome to our Studio. Welcome to our Community.

Come and visit our purpose built studio space, where the yoga we practice is hot!  Whether you are brand new to yoga or a dedicated practitioner, our teachers are here to support you on your yoga journey.

We practice a Hatha style of yoga, traditionally known as Bikram, along with Power Vinyasa.  Both of these styles are, in their own unique ways, designed to help you achieve functional strength, cardiovascular fitness and a calm, focused mind.  Both practices benefit greatly from being practiced in a heated room.  Yes, you will sweat!  If this is new for you, give yourself a chance to acclimatise and we trust you will grow to love it.

Complement your hot practice with our cooler (taught at room temperature) Yin classes. This is a slower paced, deeply meditative practice with deliciously long holds. Restorative, healing, nourishing…

We have designed our space with our community of busy yogis in mind – including bigger and better bathrooms to make your pre and post class time as smooth and stress free as possible.

Stop by for a chat or drop us a line, we want to get to know you and support you on your yoga journey as best we can.

Sweat cleanses from the inside. It comes from places a shower will never reach. George Sheehan

Yoga Styles

Here it is...

Our yoga is intended to be challenging but the beauty is that each person can adapt it to suit his or her own body. Each body will take the poses differently. Simply be fully present in your practice, keep an open mind; you will come to know what your body needs on that day.

Each of the styles we offer is unique in its own way.  Some of our students love to change between the different styles, others have their favourite that they like to stick to. Experiment with what works for you!

Our Yin yoga is intended to provide the perfect complement to the more yang styles of the Power Vinyasa and Hot.

Feel free to come to any class on the schedule; all our classes are beginner friendly.



Our Hot classes are based on the classic 90 minute sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises ( ‘the 26 and 2’), known as Bikram Yoga.

The series is designed to work your whole body from the inside out.  The postures are simple but challenging.  Work at your own level of intensity.

For anyone who is sick or injured this practice is the first place we encourage you to come.  This style is very therapeutic.

Each class follows the same sequence of postures allowing you to concentrate on developing alignment and form as you come to understand and appreciate your body and Yourself as never before.

Choose from either the 60 minute or 90 minute duration.  For beginners, don’t be put off by the slightly longer class as this can be just what you need to grow in your understanding of the postures.

For our Hot classes, the room is heated to a balmy 38 degrees.



Power Vinyasa has been described as “the perfect blend of sweat and serenity”.  In this style of yoga, the poses are linked together by connective momentum or flow.

The practice starts with several rounds of sun salutations, getting the blood pumping and breath flowing, and generating internal heat to melt away tension.

We then move into a variety of other postures designed to increase vital energy, and provide a sense of groundedness and balance. Move through the postures with a steady, rhythmic breath, matching your breath to the movement.  As you develop your proficiency in this practice, you will find that you move out of your head and into your body, cultivating a meditative frame of mind.

For our Power Vinyasa classes we heat the room to around a cosy 32 degrees.



Yin is the perfect balance to our other ‘yang’ styles of yoga.  A subtle but profound practice, Yin is an opportunity to develop inner awareness.  With deliciously long holds of 3 minutes or more, these restorative poses will open the thicker layers of connective tissues around the joints, unravelling areas of tension that a dynamic yoga practice can not always access.   Get super comfy with the support of blocks, bolsters and pillows and sink into your practice.  Refine the observation of your feelings without identifying them, as you move into stillness, deep relaxation and serenity.  Come and create space for yourself, in both body and mind.

Hot Pilates


If you want to challenge yourself in a new way Hot Pilates is the hottest new workout in town.  It’s a fun, challenging, full body, low impact, high intensity workout using the Pilates principles.  Performed on a yoga mat & towel in a heated room with energetic music Hot Pilates is an amazing workout using HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that strengthens muscles, boosts your metabolism and burns fat – all without the pounding of a high impact workout.  It is designed for all fitness levels and is loved by both men and women.  Hot Pilates is for everyone who is looking to increase strength, build long lean muscles, create a stronger core, get fit and feel amazing!  It is the perfect compliment to your hot yoga.

For our Hot Pilates we heat the room to around a snug 32-35 degrees.

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